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A Notebook in Hand
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23rd-Mar-2008 08:44 pm - About the Community, FAQ, and Rules
Stardust - Glow
notebookinhand is a community dedicated to reviewing and/or recommending specific works of art and artists. The word "art" in this context includes but is not limited to the following:

+ literature
+ cinema
+ theater
+ music
+ concerts
+ dance
+ photography
+ architecture
+ paintings
+ drawings

"Artists" refers to anyone involved in any of the above arenas.

1. Who can post reviews?
Any community member can post a review. Posts are moderated so that the moderator can edit the tags and add the post to the memories.

2. Who can join?
Anyone who appreciates the arts and/or anyone who feels a need to gather opinions about something before making a purchase. Membership is not moderated, but this is subject to change.

3. How are the posts organized?
Posts are organized in the tags and in the memories. The tags are organized by personal rating (how you rate the subject), by genre, and by country/countries. Memories are organized by which area the subject belongs to directly (i.e., a film about paintings of China will still be under "Films", not "Art").

4. So what can members do?
Members are invited to write their own reviews/responses to art they themselves have experienced. This allows other people to read about an event, a movie, etc before going out and spending money and time on something they might not enjoy. Members are also invited to respond to and comment on other people's reviews.

5. If I am an artist, can I ask other people to review my stuff?
Certainly. You may make a post with images (under LJ cuts) of your works and/or link off-site. Reviews, however, will be made in comments rather than in a separate post. Be sure that you observe Internet safety rules when posting your own images. The moderator(s) of this journal reserves the right to delete any images/information she feels is unsafe to post.

6. Is there a specific form I should use when I post a review?
No. However, giving as much information about what you're reviewing is important.
For music, please tell us who the artist is, the title, and the record label (if applicable).
For movies/TV shows, please tell us who the principal people involved are (director, producer, actor(s), etc), the title, an IMDb link, a plot summary, and the production company.
For performances, please tell us who the principal people involved are (director, company name, lead performers, etc), the title, an IBDb link (if applicable), and a plot summary.
For photography, paintings, and drawings, please tell us who the principal people involved are (the photographer and the subject(s)), the title of the collection or the one photo, and the setting of the photograph(s).
For architecture, please tell us who the architect is and where the structure is.
For all reviews, please provide a title, an artist's name, the year (and date, if applicable) of production/performance, relevant settings, your own rating, and your own commentary. An accompanying excerpt of a professional review from a critics' journal, such as The New York Times is optional.

7. Is this a sharing community?
Yes, we share information and opinions. But we are not involved in the trading of music, books, movies, etc. There are other communities that do. You are free to link to these other communities if need be. You are also free to provide a sample of what you're reviewing (a short clip of a song, a performance, etc).

8. What if I'm looking for a review of a specific item, say, a CD or an exhibit?
This is the request post where you can request an item or an event to be reviewed and where you can see what other items/event reviews are requested. Please give people time to see the request and respond.

9. What about affiliations?
If you have a Livejournal community that has similar interests as notebookinhand, please request for affiliations on this entry. Comments are screened.

10. What if I have more questions?
Please post them here. Comments are screened.

1. Please be polite. This is a community where an individual's opinion matters. Please respect that some may not agree with the viewpoints you have.
2. Do not give out too much personal information. This is for your own safety. Posting images of yourself enjoying the reviewed art/event is fine.
3. Please give credit where credit is due. This community is for your opinion. Do not pass off someone else's opinion for yours.
4. Likewise, do not steal someone's opinion posted here and pass it off somewhere else as yours.
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